A car that drives itself? Getting rid of drivers could be the ultimate solution to traffic.
Photo by Melody Kramer

Will Driverless Cars Dominate Our Future?

Posted by Dan Stone of National Geographic Magazine in Change Reaction on November 16, 2012

I’ve long been fascinated by the study of traffic. Those hours we all spend in the soft glow of brake lights help researchers turn questions about human behavior, urban planning and risk assessment into some stunning, slow-moving statistics.

Here are a few. Every year the average commuter spends about 34 hours crawling in traffic. That translates to an extra $713 in lost productivity, wasted gas and higher costs for goods delayed by congestion. Thousands of scientists study traffic patterns and city growth, but few do it better than the aces at the Texas A&M Transportation Institute. Those numbers come from TTI’s annual Urban Mobility Report, which has other illuminating findings. One I particularly like: Friday rush hour in America is the worst of the week, racking up 200 million more people-hours than Mondays.

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