December 20, 2012

Who Will Buy a Ticket to the Moon?

By Doug Mohney, Contributing Editor

The Golden Spike Company recently announced it is building a commercial transportation system to the moon. In order to get there, it has to book between 30 to 75 seats at $750 million per seat list price in order to cover its costs and make some money. Who will buy a ticket to the moon and are there enough organizations and billionaires out there with the wherewithal and desire to go?

Tourism gets a lot of discussion, but there’s a big leap between a $50 million to $60 million trip to the International Space Station (ISS) and a $750 million lunar excursion. A total of seven people made eight tourist trips to the space station between 2001 and 2009, paying between $20 million to $40 million. Singer Sarah Brightman reportedly will pay more than $51 million for a 2015 visit to ISS.

Space Adventures, the broker for Russian trips to ISS, has been trying to sell a lunar circumnavigation — no landing — mission at a reported $300 million per seat for two tourists, but has only secured agreement with one individual by all accounts.

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