Where did the floodwaters of Mars go 2,000 milion years ago?

On Dec.21.12

An international research team led by the Planetary Science Institute has found evidence that indicates that approximately 2 billion years ago enormous volumes of catastrophic floods discharges may have been captured by extensive systems of caverns on Mars, according to J. Alexis Palmero Rodriguez, PSI Research Scientist, Rodriguez and the research team came to this conclusion after studying the terminal regions of the Hebrus Valles, an outflow channel that extends approximately 250 kilometers downstream from two zones of surface collapse.

The Martian outflow channels comprise some of the largest known channels in the solar system. Although it has been proposed their discharge history may have once led to the formation of oceans, no one knows the ultimate fate and nature of the fluid discharges. There is also a controversy about how these outflow channels came to be. Theories range from surface erosion by glaciers, debris flows, catastrophic floodwaters, or even lava flows.

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