A flight to an asteroid is as dangerous as a flight
to Mars. The reason here is that a cosmonaut will
get a similar dose of harmful radiation when he stays
in interplanetary space for several months, says
director of the Space Research Institute, Lev Zeleyony.

What trends will take upper hand in space exploration?

by Boris Pavlishev
Moscow (Voice of Russia) Dec 10, 2012

Space exploration in the future is linked to the creation of habitable bases on the moon. This opinion was expressed by head of Russia’s leading research institute of the country’s space agency Gennady Raikunov. According to him, the potential of the International Space station has almost exhausted itself, and it’s high time to look “further and higher”.

At present, large amounts of equipment are installed on board the ISS with great difficulty. The station is experiencing a power shortage. After 2020, its use has to be gradually reduced, and we must shift to the moon that has unlimited space. Radars and large equipment can be installed on the moon.

Lunar bases would help people acquire experience to live on another planet. After melting ice, water can be reduced to oxygen and hydrogen that can be used as fuel for rocket engines, the scientist says.

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