What it’s like to drive a 1600-pound mechanical spider

eatART’s Lithium Ion-powered Mondo Spider takes over the CES trailer lot
By Ellis Hamburger on January 8, 2013 05:53 pm

Today I was lucky enough to experience driving the Mondo Spider, a 1600 lb, five foot-tall and eight foot-long mechanical spider powered by hydraulics. The spider was built in 2006 by eatART, a non-profit in Vancouver, B.C, and can move at up to four feet per second. The spider used to run on gas, but was retrofitted in 2009 with a 5 kWh Lithium Ion battery, so like any Chevy Volt, you only need a wall outlet to charge it up. “It is the world’s first zero-emission walking vehicle,” eatART claims. Lenovo loved the Mondo Spider’s appeal as a statement about energy consumption, and shipped it up to CES this week.

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