More than 1000 varieties of tardigrade have been discovered, but the total number of existing species is still unknown.

The toughest animal on Earth…and in space!

by Eva Bertrand
Moscow (Voice of Russia) Dec 31, 2012

An animal that can live without water, resist extreme temperatures and strong radiation, and has survived the vacuum of space; that is a basic description of a Tardigrade. More commonly called the ‘water bear’, this tiny creature opens up fascinating new perspectives on the process of dehydration, which could be used to preserve food, but also vaccines and blood.

Discovered two centuries ago, the first to describe the Tardigrade was German zoologist, Johann August Ephraim Goeze, who observed in 1773: “Strange is this little animal, because of its exceptional and strange morphology and because it closely resembles a bear in miniature.

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