Good for light bulbs too. Scientists are hailing graphene – an atom thin sheet of carbon – for applications spanning from construction to electronics. We now know that could also include LED lighting.

The key to LED brightness: Graphene

By Mark Halper | February 7, 2013, 5:32 AM PST

Graphene is an emerging wonder material. LEDs are the future of lighting. Put the two together, and you could double your technological triumph.

That’s not exactly how scientists in South Korea and Vietnam have described it, but they are indeed championing such a combination.

Writing in Nature, they say they’ve proven that adding graphene enables LEDs (light emitting diodes) to operate brighter. A dose of graphene oxide will effectively dissipate the extra heat that LEDs emit as they get brighter. Or, as they put it,

“Here we demonstrate that the embedded graphene oxide in a gallium nitride light-emitting diode alleviates the self-heating issues by virtue of its heat-spreading ability and reducing the thermal boundary resistance.”

For those of you who talk the talk, the researchers used a gallium nitiride LED and they generated “scalable graphene oxide microscale patterns on a sapphire substrate.”

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