The future of publishing is micro

By Joe McKendrick | January 4, 2013, 10:15 AM PST

Technology taketh away and technology giveth. The rise of digital media has killed the business models of newspaper and book publishers and booksellers. But it is also providing new venues for authors and smaller publishers who would never had a chance in the old order.

Micropublishing, for one, is providing a low barrier to entry for many new types of publications and works. But the disruption in publishing doesn’t stop there. As described by Pandodaily’s Hamish MacKenzie, micropublishing is a lightweight approach that doesn’t require a lot of technology, or even resource-intensive add-ons such as pictures or graphics:

“Publications can be distributed on the open Web or via apps. In 2013, as reading habits shift to memory-lite and cloud-enabled mobile devices such as iPads and large-screen smartphones, this approach to publishing will become more prevalent and important. Also according to the tenets of micropublishing, digital magazine issues or books can be short and produced using free or very cheap software, so publishers don’t need to invest as much in design, distribution, or marketing, freeing up budgets for editorial. For the same reasons, micropublishing is also a movement that is friendly to self-publishing.”

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