Detail of BBC Future’s graphic (screen shot of Tomorrow’s World by Information is Beautiful Studio/ via BBC Future)

Take a Peek at the Next 150 Years


With the start of the New Year, organizations often take the opportunity to publish outlooks on the upcoming year.

Now some take this very serious and predict tech inventions even further into the future. BBC Future has released an infographic on “Tomorrow’s World“, compiling the predictions of the world’s “thinkers, scientists, and pundits”. To make things even more interesting, they commissioned “the special bets department at British betting firm Ladbrokes to give [...] their odds on each prediction coming true.” The odds really do the trick here, and arrange the predicted inventions and events somewhere between most likely and least likely. This helps to even classify events as far away in time as 150 years.

It struck me immediately that I had seen this before. It must have been… yes, at the Beginning of 2012, already a year ago. The trend forecasting firm Envisioning Technology had published an interactive map of emerging technologies until 2040. It was assorted into 11 technological categories, spanning from Artificial Intelligence to Geo Engineering. While this graphic focuses on ‘emerging’ technologies’, BBC’s map seems to feature concepts which are already ‘state-of-the-art’ at the predicted time.

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