Supporting the Revolution – NIAC Program begins 2013 campaign

January 15, 2013 by Chris Bergin

NASA’s Innovative Advanced Concepts (NIAC) program announced the kick-off of its 2013 drive on Tuesday, calling for proposals involving revolutionary concepts with the potential to transform future aerospace missions. With up to $100,000 on offer per project, NIAC is at the forefront of potentially finding the next big space flight breakthrough.


Returning in 2011 after a break of four years, NIAC enables early investment and partnership with creative scientists, engineers and citizen inventors to help maintain America’s leadership in the global technology economy, potentially providing the financial and intellectual tools to realize the next major step forward in space.

Under the leadership of NASA’s Space Technology Program, NIAC studies “visionary aerospace architecture, system or mission concepts that are exciting and unexplored, yet credible and executable,” submitted by United States citizens and researchers working in the US, including NASA civil servants.

The concepts in NIAC’s arena are usually early in development – generally 10 years or more from operation. They are chosen based on peer review of the potential impact, technical strength and benefits of the proposed study.

“While Goddard or Tsiolkovsky envisioned rockets taking humans to space, the rest of the world focused on the industrial revolution and challenges of the early 20th century,” said Michael Gazarik, director of NASA’s Space Technology Program at the agency’s headquarters in Washington.

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