An illustration of a gamma-ray burst, the most powerful explosion type yet seen in the universe.

Space Bursts Provide Insight to Theory of Everything

by Nola Taylor Redd, SPACE Contributor
Date: 08 December 2012 Time: 08:02 AM ET

Light from some of the universe’s most energetic explosions is allowing scientists to probe the nature of space-time, according to new observations of so-called gamma-ray bursts from the Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency’s Ikaros spacecraft. Photons released by these bursts help place limits on a unified model of all of the forces of nature — what scientists call a “theory of everything.”

Using the Gamma-Ray Burst Polarimeter (GAP) onboard the spacecraft, a team of Japanese scientists have made the most precise measurements of energetic gamma-ray burst photons to date.

“This result puts a fundamental constraint on quantum gravity, a dream theory reconciling Einstein’s theory of relativity and quantum theory,” Kenji Toma, of Osaka University, said in a statement.

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