Image: One concept for a manned mission to an asteroid, a possible place for NASA to send its astronauts
in the coming decades. NASA/AMA, Inc.

Space 2013: A New Year of Missions and Events

BY ADAM MANN01.02.136:30 AM

Mankind has always expected the heavens to be busy, and 2013 will be no different. We no longer imagine gods and goddesses above us — instead, we shoot our own rockets, people, and probes to populate space.

The coming year looks like it will be an exciting one, with emerging countries’ space agencies as well as private entrepreneurs jumping in. NASA will continue to wrestle with its purpose, but it will also provide some spectacular new missions. And we can always expect some unexpected discoveries and announcements.

Here, we take a look at the new year in space and the missions and events we have to look forward to.

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