VTT’s technology makes driving on black ice safer.
(Credit: Image courtesy of Technical Research Centre of Finland (VTT))

Slippery Surface? Ice Detector Warns Drivers in Advance

Jan. 23, 2013 — VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland has developed an automatic slipperiness detection system for cars. The system helps drivers to avoid personal injuries and damage to vehicles in slippery road conditions. Thanks to the system, vehicles are warned in advance of a road’s actual slipperiness. If the road becomes slippery, other vehicles arriving in the area will also be warned immediately.

VTT’s system makes use of an entirely novel, real-time method of obtaining information on a road’s actual slipperiness. Transmission of slippery road warnings to vehicles via, for example, SMS messages has been tested before but, lacking the information now available, warnings have been based on estimates derived from sources such as weather forecasts. Thanks to the new system, it is possible to obtain direct information on road conditions

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