Sling-Sat is a space sweeper idea designed to remove orbital debris from Earth orbit.
CREDIT: Jonathan Missel/Texas A&M


‘Sling-Sat’ Could Remove Space Junk on the Cheap

by Leonard David,’s Space Insider Columnist
Date: 01 March 2013 Time: 02:20 PM ET

A proposed space-junk removal system would hop from one piece of debris to the next without burning much fuel, potentially making a de-clutter mission economically feasible with current technologiy.

The TAMU Space Sweeper with Sling-Sat, or 4S for short, would harness the momentum imparted by capturing and ejecting one object to slingshot on to the next chunk of space junk, its developers say.

“The goal of this mission is to remove as many pieces of debris with the minimum amount of fuel,” said Daniele Mortari of Texas A&M University.

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