The bottom half of ASH, left, is already up and walking. A lot of the technology used to create soccer star CHARLI-2, right, is being used to help ASH fight fires Photo: Robotics and Mechanisms Laboratory/Virginia Tech

Search and Rescue Robots


The IEEE – a large, global professional organization dedicated to advancing technology for humanity – have found that advancements in small robots, ranging from nanorobots to shoebox-sized robots, hold promise for delivering innovative and life-altering future applications. This mini-series explores the use for nanorobots in healthcare, morphogenic robots and robots for search and rescue.

Robots are increasingly being considered for a number of tasks that are deemed dangerous for humans, such as the US Navy’s recent development of a robot firefighter.

Another area of potential for robots is for help in recovery from disasters, be they natural, such as an earthquake, or man-made, such as a mine accident. Robots have a number of applications that make them ideal for responding to emergency situations as they can perform a number of specialised tasks both autonomously or in close collaboration with rescue teams.

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