The RQ-TITAN is actuated by RoboBuilder’s new line of RQ robot servos which feature high torque and resolution

RoboBuilder’s RQ-TITAN, optimized for RoboCup soccer’s larger “TeenSize” division, kicks a color-coded soccer ball

RoboBuilder’s RQ-TITAN features a modular body that can be outfitted with an attractive exoskeleton

RQ-TITAN robot wants to dominate the soccer field

By Jason Falconer
December 21, 2012

Let’s say you’re interested in acquiring a large bipedal robot. Commercial options, like Kawada Industries’ HRP-4 and KAIST’s HUBO cost upwards of US$300K and $400K respectively. Those could break the bank, and building one from scratch is an expensive and time-consuming process in itself. Now Korean robotics company RoboBuilder is offering a pre-built solution that’s one-tenth the cost of those robots, and at approximately three feet tall is big enough to compete in RoboCup soccer’s “TeenSize” division.

The RQ-TITAN (Technological Innovation Towards ANdroid) is a modular research platform optimized specifically for RoboCup’s TeenSize division, which has a minimum height restriction of approximately 3 feet. However, the robot is suitable for other domains, such as general AI research, human-robot interaction, or even as an eye-catcher at corporate events or exhibitions. Its hardware and software are open source, compatible with Windows 7, Linux Mint, and Android OS.

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