Quantum research will yield ‘super-computers’: Nobel winner

October 10, 2012 by Jean-louis Santini

David Wineland, who won the Nobel Prize for work in quantum physics with Serge Haroche of France, said our limited computers will “eventually” give way to super-fast, revolutionary ones.

The pair, both 68, were honored for pioneering optical experiments in “measuring and manipulation of individual quantum systems,” the Nobel Physics jury said in its citation on Tuesday.

“Most science progresses very slowly,” Wineland told AFP.

“On the computing side, we are able to think about applying these quantum systems to solve other problems that we try to do on computer now but our computers are limited.

“It has not happened yet and I am not even sure it will happen in the next decade, but I think it will eventually happen using quantum principles to make a quantum computer that will actually have applications.”

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