The Golden Spike Company intends to be the first company planning to offer routine exploration expeditions to the surface of the Moon. CREDIT: The Golden Spike Company

Private Company Aims for Manned Moon Missions by 2020

by Clara Moskowitz, SPACE Assistant Managing Editor
Date: 06 December 2012 Time: 02:00 PM ET

A new private venture aims to sell manned trips to the moon by 2020, its founders announced today (Dec. 6).

The company, called Golden Spike (after the final spike built into the First Transcontinental Railroad), plans to sell each moon mission for about $1.5 billion — a relative bargain, said the company’s president and CEO Alan Stern, a former director of NASA’s Science Mission Directorate.

For the same price as many unmanned robotic missions, Golden Spike will provide a round trip for two humans to the moon.

“We’re selling to nations, corporations and individuals,” Stern told “Get in line — and I think it’s going to be a long one.”

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