The Moon transiting Earth, as seen from Deep Impact (animation) As part of its EPOXI mission, Deep Impact spent 24 hours over May 28 and 29, 2008, watching Earth from a distance of 50 million kilometers. During that time, the Moon transited Earth as seen from the spacecraft. The view was captured using Deep Impact’s High Resolution Imager, which had a serious blurring problem; efforts to reduce the blurring have introduced some other artifacts, like the concentric rings on the Moon. The full sequence covers 24 hours, a full rotation of Earth. NASA / JPL / UMD / animation by Gordan Ugarkovic

Pretty picture: a moon transit

Posted By Emily Lakdawalla

2013/02/21 05:52 CST

Topics: pretty pictures, pics of Earth by planetary missions, Earth, the Moon, Deep Impact

A reader comment on my previous Earth-and-Moon image inspired me to dig up the following photo. The question was: has there ever been a photo of Earth and the Moon showing the latter transiting the former? The answer is yes. It’s not the greatest image for a couple of reasons, but it’s a unique and priceless view of our home binary planet. And it gets better: it’s actually part of a movie.

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