The walls will be made of transparent acrylic to guarantee visibility to underwater vistas

Poseidon Resorts completes underwater hotel design

By Antonio Pasolini
November 28, 2012

The buzz around Poseidon Undersea Resorts has been around for a few years now (c.f. our 2007 report on the conceptually-similar Hydropolis in Dubai). Poseidon Resorts has announced that it has completed the design and engineering of structural works, indicating that the sci fi-esque undersea project is closer to getting off the ground, or better, into a lagoon on a private island in Fiji. The company is now working to secure capital for construction, which should take two years to complete, it says.

Developed by L. Bruce Jones, Poseidon Resorts’ President with a background in submarine sea technology, the project is not as epic as Hydropolis or the Shimao Wonderland in Shanghai, but it’s bold in its vision, inspired by underwater research habitats such as Jacques Cousteau’s Conshelf I from 1962. Located 40 feet (12 m) underwater, it will be connected to land by two piers with elevators to enter and exit each of the two units. One of them comprises 24 suites 550 ft2 (50 m2) in size, besides a restaurant and bar. Visibility to the subaquatic vistas is guaranteed by transparent acrylic plastic. The other unit will include a lounge-cum-library, a spa, a larger 1,100 ft2 (102 m2) suite, a conference room, wedding chapel and theater area.

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