Bubble domain walls: Do similar structures exist in space?

Physicists seek cosmic domain walls

Jan 17, 2013

Exotic structures known as cosmic domain walls could be observed from Earth by measuring the subtle effect of their magnetic-like fields as they pass through our galaxy. That is the conclusion of a team of physicists in the US, Canada and Poland that has proposed a new way of probing the nature of the mysterious dark matter and dark energy thought to permeate the universe.

The current standard Big Bang model of cosmology assumes that much of the energy in the universe is contained within two mysterious substances – dark matter and dark energy. Dark matter explains anomalies in the motion of galaxies and is thought to account for about 20% of the universe’s energy. Dark energy is invoked to explain the universe’s accelerating expansion and is reckoned to make up about 75%. Most direct searches assume that dark matter consists of some kind of particle, while dark energy is often taken to exist in the form of a “cosmological constant” that is added to the field equation for general relativity. A number of other possibilities have been put forward, however.

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