One hundred Kilobots move towards a light source

Isometric and bottom views of a Kilobot, with (A) Vibration motors, (B) Lithium-Ion battery, (C) Rigid supporting legs,
(D) Infrared transmitter/receiver, (E) RGB LED, (F) Charging tab, and (G) Ambient light sensor (Photo: Harvard SSR Lab)

One hundred Harvard Kilobots swarm together

By Jason Falconer
January 21, 2013

Robots by the dozen are prohibitively expensive, so actually testing how large swarms would work together is often limited to computer simulations. That’s where Harvard’s Kilobots are beginning to bear fruit – at a cost of US$14 each in batches of a thousand, they’re a tenth the cost of their cheapest competitor. At such bargain-basement prices, Michael Rubenstein, Christian Ahler, and Radhika Nagpal at the Self-Organizing Systems Research Group have begun to build their own little robot army.

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