So, how many NewSpace firms have benefitted from the “hindrance” that NASA represents? Image Credit:

On @ The 90: NewSpace Fans Need to Stop Hating

By Jason Rhian

Where did NewSpace come from? The philosophy, the people … where did they originate? Essentially, they came from NASA, but not in a good way. Many, many people who believe in the dream of space exploration have been shunned, insulted, and mocked by the space agency’s representatives throughout the years, to the point where they got fed up and decided to go it alone.

Some had their concepts derided and were shut out. Others were not impacted by the agency at all, but understood that any program stemming from the federal government would never bring the costs of access to orbit down enough to make space flight a more common event.

By and large these experiences created NewSpace and provided it with the bitter fuel the followers of the movement appear to run off of today.

Anyone that expresses support for NASA can expect to get an earful—even if they do not side exclusively with the space agency. Those that do not use the exact wording or paint the companies that fall under the NewSpace banner in glowing terms are attacked and demonized. Some elements of the media have caved, pandering to NewSpace whims.

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