Good on paper. The Halden test reactor (above) provides steam to Norske Skog’s neighboring paper mill.

Nuclear heat is on in Norway

By Mark Halper | December 21, 2012, 4:32 AM PST

Nuclear reactors generate electricity. Everyone knows that. The general idea is simple: Start a chain reaction that creates a lot of heat and capture the heat to drive a turbine and make electricity, just as with coal- and gas-fired power plants,

But aren’t there other uses for heat? Don’t industries like steel, cement, petrochemicals, oil and many others require high temperature processes that manufacturers feed with C02-spewing fossil fuels? Wouldn’t it make sense to use small reactors instead, and thereby shrivel the leviathan carbon footprint left by those mighty mills that are stamping out goods and materials without which modern society cannot live?

Yes it would. And one country – Norway – is showing the way.

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