NRC Appoints Space Program Review Committee

Posted by Doug Messier on November 5, 2012, at 8:37 am

The National Research Council (NRC) has appointed an ad hoc committee “to undertake a study to review the long-term goals, core capabilities, and direction of the U.S. human spaceflight program and make recommendations to enable a sustainable U.S. human spaceflight program.”

The 17-member committee is co-chaired by Dr. Jonathan Lunine, a professor of physical sciences at Cornell University, and William Perry, a Stanford University professor who served as defense secretary under President Bill Clinton. Other members of the committee include former NASA astronaut Bryan D. O’Connor, Houston-based consultant Mary Lynne Dittmar, and Founder Ariel Waldman.

The list seems rather short on representatives from the “NewSpace” community. A full list of committee members with biographies is reproduced after the break.

The committee’s responsibilities are to

“Provide findings, rationale, prioritized recommendations, and decision rules that could enable and guide future planning for U.S. human space exploration. The recommendations will describe a high-level strategic approach to ensuring the sustainable pursuit of national goals enabled by human space exploration, answering enduring questions, and delivering value to the nation over the fiscal year (FY) period of FY2014 through FY2023, while considering the program’s likely evolution in 2015-2030.”

Congress ordered NASA‘s Office of Inspector General to conduct the review as part of NASA’s 2010 Authorization Act. The inspector general, which is the space agency’s internal watchdog, commissioned the NRC to conduct the study.

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