The North Star sounding rockets

The NSLV orbital rocket

North Star rocket family with hybrid propulsion

January 28 2013 03:13:59 AM | by Clark Lindsey, Managing Editor

Theo Pirard of the Space Information Center/Belgium points me to the news that the company Nammo and the Andøya Rocket Range are developing a rocket system called North Star that will use a standardized hybrid motor, clustered in different numbers and arrangements, to build two types of sounding rockets and an orbital launcher (10kg nanosat to polar orbit) :

North Star – The Flexible, Green and Safe Sounding Rocket and Satellite Launch Service

Jan.23.13: Nammo and Andøya Rocket Range (ARR) are working together to develop a new series of scientific rockets. The North Star family will consist of 3 configurations, North Star 1, North Star 2 and the North Star Launch Vehicle, all using hybrid propulsion technology. Hybrid rocket motors have several advantages compared to solid fuel motors. A hybrid motor does not contain explosives, which means it is easier to transport. Hybrids are environmentally friendly and the liquid oxidizer is not toxic.

Read more: North Star rocket family with hybrid propulsion — NewSpace Watch.

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