NASA’s Somewhat Confused Destination(s)

By Keith Cowing on November 12, 2012 7:53 PM

Keith’s note: The President directed NASA to send humans to an asteroid and eventually (in the 2030′s) to Mars. But with talk of L2 or L1 bases, Moon missions, etc. it would seem that some parts of the agency have engaged in mission creep beyond what the White House directed them to do. Then again, the President did say “Mars in the 2030s” and planning for that has to start sooner or later. Regardless of what destination(s) that different parts of NASA think they are aiming for, there is no money for the payloads needed to accomplish any of the missions. With Thanksgiving looming, so is NASA’s “passback” on the FY 2014 budget to OMB. Word has it that there will be some of Bolden’s Mars shoe pounding included in NASA’s budget response. Stay tuned.

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