This image shows the four types of mirrors on the Webb telescope. From left to right are: a primary mirror segment, the secondary mirror, tertiary mirror and the fine steering mirror. The bottom right shows an artist’s conception of the Webb telescope optics with its 18 primary mirror segments. On the bottom row are the three mirror segments shown on the same scale and seen from the rear to illustrate the honeycomb structure that makes this mirrors both very light and mechanically stiff. Credit: NASA/Ball Aerospace/Tinsley

Webb’s coated flight tertiary mirror. Dan Patriarca, president of Quantum Coating Incorporated, is in the photo. Credit: Ben Gallagher (Ball Aerospace) and Quantum Coating Incorporated

New Video Brings Webb Telescope’s Third Mirror to Light


There are four types of mirrors that will fly on NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope. They’re called the “primary, secondary, tertiary” and fine steering mirrors. Although the 18 primary mirror segments make the biggest splash, the other mirrors are equally as important. A new video takes viewers behind the scenes for a special look at the tertiary mirror.

The video called, “Third Light’s the Charm” is part of an on-going video series about the Webb telescope called “Behind the Webb.” The video, produced by Mary Estacion from the Space Telescope Science Institute (STScI) in Baltimore, Md., takes viewers behind the scenes with scientists and engineers who are creating the Webb telescope’s components.

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