Artist’s conception of SpaceX’s Dragon in a propulsive landing.
(Credit: SpaceX)

NASA Looks to Reusable Spacecraft to Bring Down Costs

Posted by Doug Messier on October 22, 2012, at 5:36 am

NASA Commercial Spaceflight — 60 Day Report

The space shuttle was the world’s first reusable spacecraft, but it will not be the last. All three of NASA’s CCiCap partners are designing their commercial crew transportation vehicles to be reused after ferrying NASA astronauts and other customers to and from low Earth orbit.

According to Jim Voss, vice president for Space Exploration Systems and the Dream Chaser Program Manager at SNC, “The space shuttle is the only spacecraft ever to return to space because it had wings that allowed it to land softly on a runway. Our Dream Chaser human spacecraft is similar in design so it can fly many times to orbit. This will make the flights cost effective since most of the vehicle is reusable and requires minimal maintenance between flights. When you don’t need to build a new spacecraft for each flight, there is a much better business case for commercial transportation services to Earth orbit.”

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