Mojave Air & Space Port 2012

On the western edge of the Mojave desert in Kern County, California, there is a place like nowhere else on Earth. In the skies over Mojave airport the first private enterprise space ship showed the world that a small, talented team could put a man into space.

Amazing things happen here.

Featuring Carl Ingram (Mojave Tower), Nigel Speedy (National Test Pilot School), David Mackay (Virgin Galactic), Ralph Wise (Gt Aero), Justin Gillen (Scaled Composites), Dick Rutan, Elliot Seguin (Scaled Composites and Wasabi Air Racing), Matthew Wright (Scaled Composites and Mojave Makers), Scott Nietfeld (Masten Space Systems and Mojave Makers), Karina Drees (Mojave Air & Space Port), Jeremy Voigt (XCOR Aerospace), Jennifer Whaley (Scaled Composites and Wasabi Air Racing0, Melissa Vannoy (Virgin Galactic), Dr. Allen Peterson (National Test Pilot School), Wes Persall (Virgin Galactic), Stuart Witt (Mojave Air & Space Port), Suparna Mukherjee (Firestar Technologies), David Masten (Masten Space Systems), Alexander Hreiz (Masten Space Systems), Khaki Rodway (XCOR Aerospace), Greg Peters (Firestar Technologies), Kevin Wojtkiewicz (Mojave Air & Space Port), Enrico Palermo (Virgin Galactic), Jon Turnipseed (Virgin Galactic), Andrew Bingham (Firestar Technologies), and Travis O’Neal (Masten Space Systems).

Mojave Air & Space Port 2012
East Kern Airport District
Mojave, California

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