Letter From NASA to Senate Appropriators Regarding Impact of Sequestration

Source: NASA HQ
Posted Thursday, February 14, 2013

National Aeronautics and
Space Administration
Office of the Administrator
Washington, DC 20546-0001

February 5, 2013

The Honorable Barbara A. Mikulski
Committee on Appropriations
United States Senate
Washington, DC 20510

Dear Chairwoman:

This is in response to your letter of January 18, 2013, requesting information about (he potential impacts of the March 1, 2013, sequestration on NASA. Our response articulates impacts of sequestration relative to the President’s FY 2013 budget request for NASA of $17,711.4 million in direct discretionary funding. NASA estimates that a March 1 sequester applied to the annualized levels in the current FY 2013 Continuing Appropriations Resolution (Section 101, P.L. 112-175) would reduce the total NASA funding level to $16,984.7 million in direct discretionary funding, or $726.7 million less than the President’s FY 2013 budget request, and $894.1 million less than the annualized levels in the current FY 2013 Continuing Appropriations Resolution.

Overall, for purposes of this assessment, the Agency assumed that the FY 2013 Continuing Resolution, with all of its terms and conditions, would be extended from March 27 to September 30, 2013, and that the sequester would cancel 5.0 percent of the fullyear amount, which would be the equivalent of roughly a 9 percent reduction over the remaining seven months of the fiscal year. NASA’s assessment of the impacts of a March 1 sequester is presented in the enclosure.

I would be pleased to discuss this information with you in greater detail if you wish.



Charles F. Bolden, Jr.


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