This illustration depicts Deep Space Industries’ Harvestor class spacecraft for asteroid mining.
CREDIT: Deep Space Industries

An artist’s concept of Deep Space Idustries’ Dragonfly picker to capture asteroids for mining operations.
CREDIT: Deep Space Industries

Is Space Big Enough for Two Asteroid-Mining Companies?

by Mike Wall, SPACE Senior Writer
Date: 22 January 2013 Time: 03:30 PM ET

The latest company to launch into the asteroid-mining business isn’t worried about competition from its biggest rival, saying that the resources of deep space are vast enough to support a bustling new industry off Earth’s surface.

The new company, Deep Space Industries, Inc., announced today (Jan. 22) that it plans to mine asteroids for metals, water and other resources, with the goal of helping humanity spread throughout the solar system. Another company with similar goals, the billionaire-backed Planetary Resources, unveiled its own plans last April.

Both companies can coexist and prosper, Deep Space officials said during a press conference today.

“We love Planetary Resources,” Deep Space chairman Rick Tumlinson said. “Space is big. There’s room for everybody.”

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