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Interest building in Shiloh area on KSC property

Fledgling space firm now backs private site
Feb. 27, 2013 6:53 AM

Written by
James Dean

Primarily seen as a strategy to lure SpaceX missions, a proposed state-run launch complex inside Kennedy Space Center has drawn strong interest from another growing private space firm, public records show.

Blue Origin, backed by founder Jeff Bezos, says Space Florida’s proposed “Shiloh” site would be a good fit for tests of a reusable booster and eventual launches of cargo and crews to orbit.

“Blue Origin is keenly interested in conducting orbital launch operations at the Shiloh facility,” the company said in response to state request for information from interested launch providers.

Blue Origin was the only company to respond in writing to the state’s request by a deadline last month.

However, Space Florida says it has held discussions with SpaceX and at least one other firm it has not identified.

The state’s aerospace development agency last year asked NASA to give it roughly 150 acres in the former citrus community of Shiloh, just inside the northern border of KSC and the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge near the Brevard-Volusia county line.

NASA initially said it would not cede ownership of the property but it supports Florida’s effort to bolster commercial space activity, and negotiations continue.

The Brevard County Commission last week approved a resolution supporting the proposal.

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