Inspiration Mars Introductory News Conference

Published on Feb 27, 2013 by SpaceRef

On February 27th, 2013 Dennis Tito and his team discussed the newly formed Inspiration Mars non-profit organization and its plan for the first human mission to Mars. Learn more about this ground breaking inspiring mission.

“A unique window of opportunity for humankind will open in January 2018, and the Inspiration Mars Foundation intends to seize it, announcing plans today to pursue a challenging manned mission to Mars and back. This historic 501-day journey around the Red Planet is made possible by a rare planetary alignment that occurs five years from now. Two professional crew members – one man, one woman – flying as private citizens will embark on what is known as a “fast, free-return” mission, passing within 100 miles of Mars before swinging back and safely returning to Earth. Target launch date is Jan. 5, 2018.”

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