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How Designers Plan To Create ‘The Route 66 Of The Future’

Roads that light themselves, paint that warns you about icy conditions, and more from the zany Dutch design lab Studio Roosegaarde

By Colin Lecher
Posted 10.26.2012 at 11:00 am

The folks behind the Dutch design lab Studio Roosegaarde have come up with some outrageous ideas (a vanishing cocktail dress! A sustainable dance floor!). So you know when they partner with a construction company to conceptualize The Future Of The Highway, as they did at Dutch Design Week recently, it’s going to be good. Also: weird.

But not so weird that their vision won’t be realized. In mid-2013, some of the earliest concepts will be implemented on a stretch of road in Holland, then later, if all goes well, on blacktop across the rest of Europe.

Those concepts include: glow-in-the-dark roads, asphalt paint that transforms in response to road conditions, and lanes that double as electric car chargers.

Why redesign highways? “By focusing on highways instead of cars, we’re innovating the Dutch landscape to make ‘smart driving’ possible for everyone (instead of those that can afford the latest cars),” Studio Roosegaarde’s Emina Sendijarevic says over email. And if it all works out, it could be more than just a cool way to show off the road-building gadgets we have at our disposal. “It’s about safety, creating awareness but also making roads energy-neutral in terms of lighting,” says Studio Roosegaarde founder Daan Roosegaarde, “and most of all: creating the experience of an icon, the Route 66 of the future.”

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