Astronomers Believe 2013 Will Be Record Year For Habitable Planet Discoveries

December 31, 2012

Lee Rannals for redOrbit – Your Universe Online

While 2012, like most years, held some significant findings, 2013 could be one for the record books when it comes to looking for habitable planets.

Astronomers know that they are on the verge of discovering the first truly Earth-like extrasolar planet (exoplanet) in 2013. There have been a few exoplanets in the last few years that are similar in size, inferred surface temperature, and distance to their parent star, but scientists have yet to find a truly “alien Earth.”

Scientists discovered the first exoplanets in 1995, and since then there have been around 800 discovered.

Although many exoplanets that sit in that “Goldilocks” (habitable zone) have been discovered, they aren’t quite the “Earth twin” scientists are hoping to find.

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