Dream Lab Kingston University Milli Meals. Exhibited at the UK launch of Dream Lab 2012 at the Science Museum, London. (Credit: Picture courtesy Johnson Banks)

Growing Food On Walls? Robotic Nutritional Advice? What Does the Future Kitchen Hold?

Jan. 15, 2013 — By 2050 people the world over could be growing food on the walls of their homes and have eco-kitchens – complete with robots to provide nutritional advice.

hat’s the vision of a team of Chinese students who have won a competition, called Dream Lab 2012, which focused on how farming, cooking and eating will change during the next four decades. The competition was run by Kingston University in London in conjunction with the British Council.

The University challenged some of China’s most promising young scientists and designers to get their teeth into the future of food as part of a project to strengthen links between the United Kingdom and the world’s largest nation.

The winning team was from Dalian Nationalities University, in the far north of China, who came up with an idea for an ‘eco-kitchen’. Their win was announced at a ceremony in the heart of Beijing’s design district and will see them win a trip to London where they will visit several leading museums and universities. More than 150 students from 31 Chinese universities took on the challenge of developing and expressing scientific ideas in a creative and inventive way.

“The competition wasn’t simply about food,” Kingston University curating expert Professor Catherine McDermott, who led the project, explained. “It was also about biotechnology and the massive advances being made in farming techniques and considering how designers – the very people who create our restaurants and kitchens – react to these changes.”

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