Give Me the Stars… Life Wants to Live!

by rick tumlinson

I have been asked how I can so easily cross party lines during this election time, when it comes to supporting or chastising politicians based on their actions regarding the opening of space. Why do I care about opening the space frontier more than any other issue? How can I support this one who is doing this, or attack that one who is doing that? How can I even deal with that guy who is doing so much harm, and why do I attack that woman who has done so much good for other issues…? So many reasons, so important to many, but I and the members of my cause have work to do.

Because in the grand sweep of space and time, little matters or will be seen through the eyes of those to come as having mattered beside what we do right now, in this time, not just to save this precious planet but to expand its life to worlds now dead.

Because this one cause encompasses all causes worth being causes. Be it freedom, resources, the economy, the environment, opportunity, hope, or another cause, there is no other single cultural and societal action that can and will do more to transform our lives, our civilization, and the course of life itself than this one thing. Period.

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