Dr. Tracy Gibson holds up a test article of a material that could one day tell crews on deep space exploration missions the extent of damage to their spacecraft (from impacts) without having to go on a dangerous spacewalk. Photo Credit: Alan Walters / awaltersphoto.com

ESC Empowers Part 5: Developing the Future

By Jason Rhian

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla – When NASA once again sends astronauts to destinations beyond the orbit of Earth, it will need technologies that are currently only in their infancy—or have yet to be developed. The Engineering Services Contract, or “ESC,” has tasked Dr. Tracy Gibson and Dr. Scott Jolley with finding new and innovative ways to solve problems that could arise on crewed deep space exploration missions.

The two primary elements of Gibson’s and Jolley’s research revolve around self-healing materials as well as surfaces that can show crews where damage has occurred, as well as the extent of this damage on their spacecraft.

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