The Mobile Launcher will have a Crew Access Arm attached to it in support of NASA’s new Space Launch System.
Image Credit: NASA / QinetiQ-NA

ESC Empowers Part 4:
Rolling Thunder

By Jason Rhian

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla – In the space business, one has to get used to heights. In terms of scale, only the expansive VAB and pads of Launch Complex-39 beat the height of NASA’s new Mobile Launcher (ML) at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center located in Florida. The AmericaSpace team toured the ML and discovered how the ML is being modified for use with NASA’s new Space Launch System, or SLS.

The ML stands some 355 feet tall (for comparison, the VAB is 526 feet tall and the Fixed Service Structure on LC-39A is about 350 feet tall). Watching the ML move out to LC-39A atop one of NASA’s Crawler-Transporters is an awe-inspiring sight. It isn’t every day that one can watch a building roll around on the shoulders of a massive tank. The people that make sights like this a reality are almost as impressive as their charges.

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