The Aquarius Eco Ship concept has a rigid sail design that harnesses wind and solar power.
(Credit: Eco Marine Power)

EnergySail promises wind-solar combo for cleaner shipping

This rigid sail concept and other technologies could produce fuel savings of over 40 percent while lowering emissions.

by Tim Hornyak November 7, 2012 10:10 AM PST


Many shipping companies are experimenting with adding sails to cargo vessels. Here’s a design in which the sails are also solar panels.

EnergySail is a concept by Japan’s Eco Marine Power that harnesses and stores wind and solar power to reduce fuel costs and pollution. It would work as an additional source of power to a ship’s main engines.

The devices would be fitted on anything from large bulk ore carriers to cable-laying ships, ferries, and coast guard patrol vessels, according to the company. An automatic control system would orient the sails and panels to catch the wind and sun.

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