February 04, 2013

“Discovery of Alien Life in Next 10 Years” –One of Five ‘X Factors’ According to World’s Leaders

World leaders at at the 2013 World Economic Forum held in Davos, Swtizerland this January, asked the attending editors and journalists to identify five of the most potentially disruptive of the “unheralded” risks, which they dubbed ‘X factors’” according to Nature.com.*The report put together by Nature, titled “Global Risks 2013,” came up with a list of five “X factors” that world leaders need to prepare for to avoid what it described as “systemic shocks and catastrophic events.

The “X factors” are described in the reports as factors that “no country alone can prevent,” and illustrates the notion of an “X factor” as an “unheralded” event that may suddenly confront humanity.

Among the five “X factors” identified was “Discovery of Alien Life.” “Given the pace of space exploration, it is increasingly conceivable that we may discover the existence of alien life or other planets that could support human life,” said the WEF. “What would be the effects on science funding flows and humanity’s self-image?”

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