Compromise Reached Over New Mexico Informed Consent Law

Posted by Doug Messier on January 23, 2013, at 1:29 pm

By Douglas Messier
Parabolic Arc Managing Editor

New Mexico legislators announced last night that they had negotiated a compromise with Virgin Galactic over an informed consent bill covering passengers who will be flying aboard the company’s SpaceShipTwo vehicles from Spaceport America.

The proposed agreement comes after negotiations between Virgin Galactic officials, legislators and trial lawyers. The proposed bill, which has not yet been made public, includes a $1 million insurance coverage provision whose scope is currently unclear.

Under the informed consent law, passengers to sign a waiver absolving spacecraft operators, builders and suppliers from liability in the event of injury or death except in cases of gross negligence or intentional harm. New Mexico’s current law provides liability protections to operators, but not to builders and suppliers.

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