The NASA Asteroid and Comet Watch website took pains to point out that the object which landed
in Chelybinsk was totally unrelated to another asteroid which NASA did track.


A Private Sector, Space Intruder Detector

Asteroid mining company Deep Space Industries (DSI) didn’t wait for the dust to settle after the unexpected impact of an asteroid over the Urals on Friday before issuing a press release reminding everyone that tracking near Earth objects is one of the things the firm is focused on.

As stated in the February 15th, 2013 press release titled “Russian Meteor Impact Shows the Need for a Sentry Line of Asteroid Inspection Spacecraft” on the DSI website:

Today’s impact in Russia and the near miss by asteroid 2012 DA14 should shock the world into creating a sentry line of spacecraft circling the Earth to intercept and evaluate incoming threats, Deep Space Industries proposed.

“The hundreds of people injured in northern Russia show it’s time to take action and no longer be passive about these threats,” said Rick Tumlinson, chairman of Deep Space Industries.

Deep Space Industries proposes establishing several sentry lines encircling Earth with small spacecraft able to dart after intruders to get close-in photos and data as they pass. Over time additional spacecraft able to grab samples for analysis on Earth would join the sentry lines.

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