Unmanned military vehicle passes 114-km freeway test (credit: China.org)

Chinese-made unmanned vehicle passes freeway test

January 24, 2013

An unmanned vehicle designed by Military Transportation University of the PLA (MTU) recently won top prize in the fourth Future Challenge, a contest for intelligent vehicles, China.org.cn reports.

The vehicle, a third-generation prototype named “Fierce Lion 3,” completed a 114-kilometer journey within 85 minutes, with a top speed of 105 kilometers per hour, making itself China’s first unmanned vehicle to pass a freeway test.

Third party certification agencies, including National Natural Science Foundation and Beijing Institute of Technology, deemed that the vehicle had successfully completed the journey with no human intervention, and that its technology had reached a “world-class” standard.

Fierce Lion 3 was directed to complete a wide range of maneuvers on the freeway, including cruising in one lane, following traffic, changing lanes, passing slower traffic, and responding to human instructions.

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