XCOR Aerospace’s Lynx spacecraft is shown launching into space with a science payload on its dorsal side in this artist’s illustration. CREDIT: XCOR Aerospace


Canadian Tour Companies Launch Private Spaceflight Deals

by Elizabeth Howell, SPACE.com Contributor
Date: 26 February 2013 Time: 07:00 AM ET

Two high-end Canadian tourism companies are adding space to their list of exotic destinations.

Adventure Travel Company (ATC), in Toronto, and Montreal-based Uniktour will offer amateur astronauts rides on the suborbital Lynx spacecraft under development by Mojave, Calif-based XCOR Aerospace.

The companies, which offer personalized safaris and the like for well-to-do clients, are acting as agencies for Space Exploration Corp. (SXC). The Dutch marketing firm is selling Lynx tickets on behalf of XCOR, most notably for men’s personal care product company AXE.

SXC chief commercial officer Reinhard Spronk said the move is a nod to the Canadian public’s large interest in space, which is partly a result of the media attention paid to the nation’s off-Earth robotics program, which contributed the huge Canadarm2 robotic arm and other assets to the International Space Station.

“Canada is a space-minded country, and many people can afford the $95,000 ticket price,” Spronk told SPACE.com. “[Space] is a lot cheaper than it has ever been.”

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