Dextre, Gas attendant: The Robotic Refueling Mission

Published on Jan 9, 2013 by the Canadian Space Agency
Fill’er up! The CSA’s Mathieu Caron explains the next phase of RRM in which Dextre will simulate refueling a mock satellite with liquid ethanol. (Video credit: CSA)

A collaboration between NASA and the Canadian Space Agency, the Robotic Refueling Mission is an experiment on the exterior of the International Space Station that uses Dextre, the Station’s Canadian-built robotic handyman, to test the technologies, tools and techniques that could be used to service and refuel satellites in orbit, especially those not built to be refurbished. The mission showcases the most intricate work ever performed by a robot in space.

Learn more on the CSA’s website or follow the operations on Twitter (@csa_asc).

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