The ArduSat (Wikimedia Commons/Peter Plazter)

Bringing Space Within Our Reach


Each and every day science becomes more accessible to the world. Schools are constantly trying to update their labs to ensure their students can get hold of the best equipment and information. Our computers become more powerful all the time to allow us to run experiments that once sat within the realm of supercomputers alone. Even our mobile phones would outperform the best supercomputer in the world of 1979, the Cray 1. This means our children are just bumbling about with computer power scientists would have killed for 40 years ago. Even as better technology becomes easier to get hold of there is one aspect of experimentation you’d think the average person would never be able to experience and that is space experimentation. Well, thanks to NanoSatisfi, you’d be wrong. This incredible company have set out to enable anyone from around the world to conduct their very own experiment in space. Whereas before, space has always been unattainable apart from to the mega rich, universities or governments, soon kids sat in a classroom anywhere in the world could be analysing data gleaned from above our skies for their own tests. It is an insane thought at first, but once you understand the project you begin to wonder why no one has got round to it before. The concept itself is fairly simple. The use of CubeSats.

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