A circuit uses microwaves to read the quantum state of an electron,
a potentially scalable route to developing a quantum computer.
(Credit: Jason Petta/Princeton University)

Breakthrough Offers New Route to Large-Scale Quantum Computing

ScienceDaily (Oct. 19, 2012) — In a key step toward creating a working quantum computer, Princeton researchers have developed a method that may allow the quick and reliable transfer of quantum information throughout a computing device

The finding, by a team led by Princeton physicist Jason Petta, could eventually allow engineers to build quantum computers consisting of millions of quantum bits, or qubits. So far, quantum researchers have only been able to manipulate small numbers of qubits, not enough for a practical machine.

“The whole game at this point in quantum computing is trying to build a larger system,” said Andrew Houck, an assistant professor of electrical engineering who is part of the research team.

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