Blue Origin Engine Testing . Credit : Blue Origin

BY STEWART MONEY | MARCH 2, 2013 · 7:57 PM

Blue Origin Signs New NASA Space Act Agreement

This past week was an unusually eventful several days for ”NewSpace,” dominated by both the introduction of the Inspiration Mars Foundation and its flyby mission to Mars, and of course, the launch of the SpaceX / NASA CRS-2 mission to ISS, accompanied by a few hours of high anxiety as the company successfully worked through an initial problem with three of four thruster pods on board the Dragon spacecraft.

With all that taking place, it was easy to overlook a significant announcement from NASA and Blue Origin released on Wednesday. The announcement, which follows below, indicates that despite declining to participate in CCiCap (Commercial Crew Integrated Capacity) the secretive company is proceeding apace with development of its suborbital reusable launch vehicle program.

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